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AOL spam spreads 'NotCompatible' Android trojan

AOL responds by following Yahoo! in setting strict DMARC policy. (0 comments)

23 April 2014

Yahoo's DMARC policy wreaks havoc among mailing lists

Collateral damage in instruction to reject emails with invalid DKIM signatures. (0 comments)

15 April 2014

New email header attempts to prevent damage of reissued email addresses

Transactional emails not delivered if the account's owner has changed in the meantime. (0 comments)

27 August 2013

Compromised Yahoo! accounts continue to spread Android malware

Problem likely to be on Yahoo!'s side. (0 comments)

24 June 2013

VB data supports Google's claim to having reduced compromised accounts

Internet giant may indeed do something right; Yahoo! has a real problem. (0 comments)

21 February 2013

'Hotmail and Gmail have best spam filter' says Cascade spam test

Comparative test did not take false positives into account. (5 comments)

15 February 2012

Webmail data leak hype deflated

Rumoured phishing explosion grabs headlines, reality much more mundane. (0 comments)

09 October 2009

Yahoo! re-opens e-postage discussion

'CentMail' to benefit charities, harm spammers. (0 comments)

21 August 2009

Spam and ID theft attacked from all sides

EU body issues warning, ICANN, Japan and Yahoo! take on spammers and phishers. (0 comments)

03 June 2008

Yahoo! searchers to get McAfee site advice

SiteAdvisor data to help check security of search results. (3 comments)

09 May 2008

Yahoo! jukebox flaw exploits in wild

Zero day vulnerability in music system rapidly targeted.

06 February 2008

Yahoo!-owned ad firm serves up trojans

Infectious flash adverts displayed on major sites.

11 September 2007

Serious holes in Yahoo! Messenger

Critical vulnerabilities fully disclosed.

08 June 2007

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