The Bulletin is an indispensable source of reference for anyone concerned with the prevention, detection and removal of computer threats, including but not limited to malware and spam.

Between 1989 and 2014, VB published the monthly, subscriber-based Virus Bulletin magazine. The Bulletin is a continuation of that publication, but with more frequent releases - the Bulletin is available free of charge and requires no registration.

On a regular basis (at least once a month), the Bulletin provides:

  • Thought-provoking news and opinions from respected members of the security industry.
  • Detailed analyses of the latest threats.
  • Feature-length articles exploring new developments and techniques in the global threat landscape.
  • Updates on the latest global cybercrime strategies.
  • Comparative reviews featuring the unique VB100 and VBSpam award schemes.

Some of our recent articles:

Throwback Thursday: Misguided or malevolent? New trends in virus writing (February 2004)

Writing in February 2004, Stuart Taylor considers what he believes to be the start of a new trend in virus writing and wonders whether there is truly a criminal element entering virus writing.

Throwback Thursday: The First International Virus Bulletin Conference (October 1991)

On September 12-13th 1991, some 150 delegates and 20 speakers from four continents assembled at the Hotel de France in St. Helier, Jersey for the first International Virus Bulletin Conference. VB's then editor Ed Wilding provided a full round-up of the event, looking at the themes, the presentations, the discussions and the Donald Duck impersonations.

Throwback Thursday: Virus Writer and Distributors 'Attributable Viruses' (July 1990)

While it is not easy to establish the origins of a computer virus, and it is rare that positive indicators as to authorship can be found by examining virus code, there are a number of notable exceptions to this. Dr. Jan Hruska takes us through some 'attributable viruses'.

 VBSpam comparative review July 2015

Martijn Grooten reports on what proved to be a good month for products taking part in the VBSpam test, with 14 VBSpam awards among the 15 participating solutions, and five of them achieving a VBSpam+ award.

Custom packer defeats multiple automation systems

Malware authors are constantly working on new ways to defeat automation systems, for example by packing their samples in order to increase the length of time it takes for their malware to be detected. Ke Zhang recently came across a custom packer that aims to defeat automation systems by combining anti-automation, anti-VM and anti-reverse engineering abilities. Although he was not able to determine the name under which it is being sold on the underground market, he did manage to study it in some depth.

Throwback Thursday: Computer Viruses: Electronically Transmitted Disease? (March 2003)

What is the psychological toll inflicted by computer viruses? In 2003, psychiatrist Dr H.W. LeBourgeois, of Tulane University of New Orleans, ran a study to attempt to answer this question, revealing some interesting findings.

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