Who can use the VB100 logo?

In order to display the VB100 award a product must have been tested by Virus Bulletin and in those tests it must have demonstrated, in its default mode, 100 per cent detection of In the Wild test samples and no false positives in a selection of clean files.

Vendors whose products achieve a VB100 award in a Virus Bulletin comparative review are eligible to license the use of the VB100 logo and may thereafter display it on product packaging, marketing materials, user documentation and so on.

VB100 license holders also receive a VB100 award for display as pictured here.

  1. Use of the date-stamped VB100 logo on the Internet currently remains free of charge, provided it is used in reference to the operating system on which it was awarded - its use may be withdrawn at the discretion of Virus Bulletin Ltd at any time.
  2. The right to use the VB100 logo - whether date-stamped or the generic, undated logo - for any other purpose may be licensed on a non-exclusive basis for a period of 12 months on prior payment of licence fees and completion of a Licence Agreement.
  3. Within the licence period the logo may be used as required - within the product, on product packaging, on advertisements, on websites, marketing materials, in user documentation and so on.
  4. At the end of the 12-month licensing period the license must be renewed. Renewal of the licence will be granted providing the product has achieved at least one VB100 award within the 3 comparative reviews prior to licence application (and providing payment for the licence renewal is received within 30 days of invoice date)
  5. The cost of the licence will vary according to vendor's annual turnover.

Please contact Virus Bulletin for further details and a copy of the Licence Agreement: telephone +44 1235 555139 or email editor@virusbtn.com.

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