Anti-Virus Researcher

Posted: 13 February 2011
Company name: Microsoft
Location: Redmond, WA
United States
Travel: occasionally
Poster represents: employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: full time
Onsite: yes

Are you interested in radically improving the security of Microsoft’s products? Do you want to work on cutting edge malware analysis systems? We are in search of a talented and self-driven Malware Researcher for Microsoft’s Antivirus Research & Response group. Our group provides the protection foundation that drives Microsoft's flagship security products, such as Forefront, Windows Defender, and Microsoft Security Essentials, in addition to Internet Explorer, Bing, Hotmail, and others.

Primary responsibilities:
• Write analysis reports and produce anti-malware signatures and incident response solutions for specific threats
• Prototype, implement and extend backend tools and systems to automate or improve the malware analysis process
• Collaborate with our researchers, coordinators and analysts to improve the analysis and response process

Knowledge of today's malware landscape and threat families is a bonus but not required as there will be plenty of opportunity to learn or enhance your knowledge on the job. Candidates with slightly lower qualifications are welcome to apply.

Required skills:
• Good communication skills and an eye for detail. You must be able to perform well under stress, particularly in emergency response situations.
• 3+ years of experience in reverse engineering of different types of computer malware and file formats, familiar with tools such as IDA Pro, WinDbg, OllyDbg.
• Solid programming skills (C++ and/or C#), data structures and algorithms, scripting languages.

Desired skills:
• CS/BS+ in a relevant technical area
• Antimalware or security industry background
• Knowledge in the area of large scale databases and data mining methods (SQL)

Contact information:

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