VB reveals which anti-virus products are up to scratch on Vista

Virus Bulletin announces certification of anti-virus products on Vista

Virus Bulletin has revealed that, out of 15 anti-virus products tested, four failed to reach the standard required for VB100 certification.

'With the number of delays that we've seen in Vista's release, there's no excuse for security vendors not to have got their products right by now,' said John Hawes, technical consultant at Virus Bulletin. 'Security companies voluntarily send in their products for testing and certifying, and I had my head in hands when I saw how poorly tailored some of the products were.'

Virus Bulletin's stringent VB100 tests pit each anti-virus product against a test set of viruses from the WildList - a publicly available up-to-date list of the viruses that are known to be circulating on computers around the world. To earn VB100 certification, products must be able to detect 100% of the viruses contained in the WildList test set and must not generate any false alarms when scanning a set of clean files.

'The tests conducted in our secure labs were against the most significant viruses and worms affecting real-world users. In these days of hourly updates, it's always a surprise and a disappointment to see major products missing them,' continued Hawes. 'Computer users deserve to see a better performance than this from security vendors.'

Since the release of Vista, arguments have raged over whether the operating system is any more secure than others. Bill Gates has described Vista as 'dramatically more secure' than other operating systems, while security researchers have pointed out some significant security shortfalls.

'Although many improvements have been made, Vista cannot fend off today's malware without help from security products,' said John Hawes. 'It certainly looks like people upgrading to the new platform are going to need additional security solutions. The results of the latest VB100 tests should help users in deciding which products are best suited to the task.'

Unlike other certification schemes, Virus Bulletin tests all products free of charge and does not allow re-testing - performances are reported exactly as they are found. Security vendors volunteer their products for each test performed by Virus Bulletin. Virus Bulletin's comparative reviews also cover other performance aspects including detection rates against a selection of zoo viruses and scanning speeds/overheads.

The results of the VB100 certification of products for Vista can be seen here [registration required - free of charge].

The full review, including detailed results tables, is available to Virus Bulletin subscribers here, or in PDF format here.

Posted on 02 February 2007 by Virus Bulletin.