News articles tagged with 'gmail'

New IcoScript variant uses Gmail drafts for C&C communication

Switch likely to make modular malware even stealthier. (0 comments)

29 October 2014

Are Gmail's new advertisements in breach of CAN-SPAM?

Marketers upset about 'emails' that you can't unsubscribe from. (1 comment)

8 August 2013

VB data supports Google's claim to having reduced compromised accounts

Internet giant may indeed do something right; Yahoo! has a real problem. (0 comments)

21 February 2013

'Hotmail and Gmail have best spam filter' says Cascade spam test

Comparative test did not take false positives into account. (5 comments)

15 February 2012

Webmail data leak hype deflated

Rumoured phishing explosion grabs headlines, reality much more mundane. (0 comments)

09 October 2009

Gmail CAPTCHA cracked

Twenty per cent success rate sufficient to create thousands of spam accounts. (1 comment)

26 February 2008

Another security hole found in GMail

Vulnerability latest in a growing list of holes in Google's web applications.

27 September 2007