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Game over for GameOver Zeus botnet?

Coordinated effort against gang that's also behind CryptoLocker ransomware. (1 comment)

05 June 2014

Firefox 17 zero-day exploit targets users of Tor network

Visitors to child abuse websites likely target of operation, but will there be collateral damage? (0 comments)

5 August 2013

FBI agent receives first J.D. Falk award

Thomas X. Grasso praised for starting DNSChanger working group. (0 comments)

26 October 2012

FBI warns against malware installed via hotel networks

Malware poses as fake update of popular software. (0 comments)

09 May 2012

'Largest takedown ever' sees six arrested

Millions made through 'DNSChanger' malware. (0 comments)

10 November 2011

Department of Justice shuts down Coreflood botnet

'Stop' command sent from replaced command and control servers. (0 comments)

15 April 2011

Teenage botherder arrested in New Zealand

International cooperation also leads to eight arrests in the US.

30 November 2007

FBI-led panel to provide insight into international fight against cybercrime

International law enforcement agencies set to join forces at VB2007 in Vienna.

23 August 2007

FBI serves up Operation Bot Roast

Investigations identify more than 1 million victim IP addresses.

14 June 2007