Ross Anderson awarded BCS Lovelace Medal

Cambridge professor to deliver VB2015 keynote. (0 comments)

17 April 2015

Does it matter if my banking password is 'Prague'?

Users do choose weak passwords, but they aren't as big a problem as we think. (0 comments)

16 April 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Unbearable Lightness of Testing

VB gets in on the Throwback Thursday act, delving into the archives. (0 comments)

16 April 2015

VB2014 paper: Swipe away, we're watching you

Hong Kei Chan and Liang Huang describe the various aspects and the evolution of point-of-sale malware. (1 comment)

02 April 2015

Google 'suspends' CNNIC from Chrome's certificate store

Chinese certificate authority told to re-apply. (0 comments)

02 April 2015

Virus Bulletin announces two VB2015 keynotes

Ross Anderson and Costin Raiu to deliver keynote addresses at 25th Virus Bulletin conference. (0 comments)

02 April 2015

Volatile Cedar campaign - cyber espionage isn't just for large nation states

Details of malware to be discussed at VB2015. (0 comments)

02 April 2015

VB2015 conference programme announced

From drones to elephants: an exciting range of topics will be covered in Prague. (0 comments)

31 March 2015

Paper: a timeline of mobile botnets

Ruchna Nigam provides an overview of more than 60 mobile malware families. (0 comments)

30 March 2015

Paper: Dylib hijacking on OS X

Patrick Wardle shows how OS X is also vulnerable to once common Windows attacks. (0 comments)

19 March 2015