Security vendors should embrace those hunting bugs in their products

Security software is software too — and it will have flaws. (0 comments)

02 February 2016

More VB Conference papers and videos published

11 papers and 9 videos added to our website. (0 comments)

29 January 2016

Throwback Thursday: Peter-II - Three Questions of The Sphinx

This Throwback Thursday, VB heads back to 1993, when an ordinary memory-resident master boot sector virus spiced things up with a bit of pop trivia. (0 comments)

28 January 2016

VB2015 paper: Effectively testing APT defences

Simon Edwards discusses how to test the potentially untestable. (0 comments)

27 Januari 2016

VB2015 paper: The ethics and perils of APT research: an unexpected transition into intelligence brokerage

Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade discusses the perils and ethical conundrums that arise as the industry enters a new playing field. (0 comments)

21 January 2016

VB2015 paper: Digital 'Bian Lian' (face changing): the Skeleton Key malware

Microsoft, Dell SecureWorks researchers analyse malware targeting Active Directory servers. (0 comments)

19 January 2016

Throwback Thursday: I say Virus, You say Trojan

This Throwback Thursday, VB heads back to 1998 — a time when anti-virus vendors avoided tackling non-replicating trojans, worms, jokes and corrupted files. (0 comments)

14 January 2016

Let's Encrypt certificate used in malversiting

We'd better get used to a world where malicious traffic is encrypted too. (3 comments)

08 January 2016

When it comes to online banking, sub-optimal encryption isn't our biggest concern

Malware authors and scammers won't attack the crypto. (1 comment)

06 January 2016

Malware likely cause of power cut in Ukraine

BlackEnergy malware previously linked to targeted attacks in the country. (0 comments)

05 January 2016