Throwback Thursday: Misguided or malevolent? New trends in virus writing

This Throwback Thursday, we turn the clock back to February 2004 when Stuart Taylor wondered whether there was truly a criminal element entering virus writing.

These days, no one would argue that there wasn't a criminal element in virus writing — cybercrime is big business and has evolved into a truly organized crime ecosystem. On browsing back through the VB archives, we were surprised to find almost the exact point at which the anti-virus community realised that virus writing was starting to veer away from the realms of the annoying and bothersome script kiddies and becoming a far more serious and sinister occupation.


VB2015 'Steganoprague' competition

Use your steganography-detection skills and win a pile of books.

As VB2015 is about to begin, we announce the second part of the 'Steganoprague' competition. In this part, you will have to find URLs hidden by others inside an image provided by us.

The puzzle can be played by anyone, but if you are attending VB2015, you can win seven books on computer security. The winner will be the person who finds the greatest number of URLs or, if people find an equal number of URLs, the person who does so in the shortest time.


Throwback Thursday: The First International Virus Bulletin Conference

This Throwback Thursday, we turn the clock back to October 1991 to take a look back at the first ever VB Conference: VB'91 in Jersey.

With VB2015, the 25th Virus Bulletin International Conference, just days away, we decided to take a look back at the first ever VB Conference: VB'91 in Jersey.

Next week, we expect somewhere in the region of 470 delegates from some 44 different countries to descend on the city of Prague for the 25th Virus Bulletin Conference. Back in 1991, it was a more modest 150 delegates and 20 speakers from four continents that descended on the Hotel de France in Jersey — modest, but a respectable turnout for the inaugural event.


Researchers seek ransomware samples for their generic solution

VB2015 presentation to include demonstration of technique against recent samples.

'The scary hack that's on the rise' is how Wired's Kim Zetter described ransomware in an overview article posted yesterday. Indeed, encrypting your files and demanding a ransom to decrypt them has become a very lucrative cybercriminal enterprise.

Of course, the best defence against ransomware is to make regular backups that are stored separately from the original device. But can security software perhaps play a role too and prevent ransomware from running in the first place?


VB Conference

VB2015 Prague, 30 Sept - 2 Oct 2015: Covering the global threat landscape The VB conference is a major highlight of the security calendar, with many of its regular attendees citing it as the IT security event of the year. The 25th Virus Bulletin International Conference (VB2015) takes place 30 September to 2 October 2015 at the Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic.

Previous VB conference delegates said:

‘My first visit to the VB conference. Totally impressed by content, organisation, delegates and venue.’


This proved to be a good month for products taking part in the VBSpam test, with 14 VBSpam awards among the 15 participating solutions, and five of them achieving a VBSpam+ award. | Read more...


This month VB lab team put 14 business products and 30 consumer products to the test on Windows 8.1 Pro. The VB100 pass rate was decent, although not quite up to the perfect or near-perfect fields seen in a few recent tests. | Read more...

Date Event Location
Oct 14 - 15 SECURE 2015 Warsaw, Poland
Oct 16 - 18 Security B-Sides DC Washington, DC, USA
Oct 19 - 21 SecTor Toronto, ON, Canada
Oct 20 - 21 (ISC)2 Security Congress EMEA Munich, Germany
Oct 20 - 22 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Oct 29 - 30 t2'15 infosec Helsinki, Finland
Nov 03 Nordic IT Security Stockholmsmässan, Sweden
Nov 04 - 05 ENITSE Enterprise IT Security Conference & Exhibition Istanbul, Turkey
Oct 05 - 07 VB2016 Denver, CO, USA


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