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London calling!

Infosecurity Europe, BSides London and the Security Bloggers Meetup.
27 May 2015

Paper: On the beat

Kevin Williams looks back at UK law enforcement successes at combating cybercrime.
22 May 2015

Throwback Thursday: Research and Other Hobbies

This Throwback Thursday we reflect on the life of one of industry's greats, who sadly passed away this week: Prof. Klaus Brunnstein.
21 May 2015

Weak keys and prime reuse make Diffie-Hellman implementations vulnerable

'Logjam' attack possibly used by the NSA to decrypt VPN traffic.
20 May 2015

Virus Bulletin announces student tickets for VB2015

87% discount for students and the option to give a lightning talk.
15 May 2015

Throwback Thursday: Double Trouble / The Perfect Couple

Once again this Throwback Thursday, we bring you not one but two (related) pieces from the archives as VB heads back to the mid-90s when a new era of viruses was believed to be dawning.
14 May 2015

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virusbtn:Reuters: US tried, but ultimately failed, to use Stuxnet-like attack against North Korea's nuclear programme
Fri May 29 19:25:42

virusbtn:Threatpost says goodbye to @TheBrianDonohue by doing one final podcast with him
Fri May 29 18:58:30