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VB2015: some important information

Last-minute papers, steganography competition and foosball tournament.
28 August 2015

Throwback Thursday: Safe Hex in the 21st Century

This Throwback Thursday, we turn the clock back to July 2000, when we were already being warned that virus scanners were no longer enough.
27 August 2015

Paper: Not a GAMe maKER

Raul Alvarez performs low-level analysis of information-stealing trojan.
26 August 2015

VB2015 preview: advanced persistent threats

Several conference papers to deal with targeted attacks.
25 August 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Virus Analyst Headache

This Throwback Thursday, we turn the clock back to April 1999, when the average virus analyst had to manually process around ten or more viruses per day, and the growing complexity and volume of viruses was proving a headache.
20 August 2015

Back to the future: anti-virus engines and sandboxes

Szilard Stange makes the case for multi-engine malware scanning. (1 comment)
19 August 2015

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