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Security vendors should embrace those hunting bugs in their products

Security software is software too — and it will have flaws.
02 February 2016

More VB Conference papers and videos published

11 papers and 9 videos added to our website.
29 January 2016

Throwback Thursday: Peter-II - Three Questions of The Sphinx

This Throwback Thursday, VB heads back to 1993, when an ordinary memory-resident master boot sector virus spiced things up with a bit of pop trivia.
28 January 2016

VB2015 paper: Effectively testing APT defences

Simon Edwards discusses how to test the potentially untestable.
27 Januari 2016

VB2015 paper: The ethics and perils of APT research: an unexpected transition into intelligence brokerage

Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade discusses the perils and ethical conundrums that arise as the industry enters a new playing field.
21 January 2016

VB2015 paper: Digital 'Bian Lian' (face changing): the Skeleton Key malware

Microsoft, Dell SecureWorks researchers analyse malware targeting Active Directory servers.
19 January 2016

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