Researchers crack ransomware encryption

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Paper: a timeline of mobile botnets

Ruchna Nigam provides an overview of more than 60 mobile malware families.
30 March 2015

Paper: Dylib hijacking on OS X

Patrick Wardle shows how OS X is also vulnerable to once common Windows attacks.
19 March 2015

Will DIME eventually replace email?

Protocol has all the advantages of email, yet is orders of magnitude more secure.
12 March 2015

Paper: Windows 10 patching process may leave enterprises vulnerable to zero-day attacks

Aryeh Goretsky gives advice on how to adapt to Windows 10's patching strategy.
12 March 2015

The ghost of Stuxnet past

Microsoft patches .LNK vulnerability after 2010 patch was found to be incomplete.
11 March 2015

Virus Bulletin seeks hackers, network researchers for VB2015

One week left to submit an abstract for the 25th Virus Bulletin conference.
06 March 2015

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virusbtn:TechTarget writes about the reemergence of Vawtrak, citing @raulr_alvarez's VB article
Mon Mar 30 18:13:25

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