Panel discussion: Tackling botnets - tracking, felling and offensive strategies

Several anti-botnet operations have made news headlines in the last couple of years, with large botnets being taken down and in some cases arrests of the operators being made.

Do the results of botnet takedowns always justify the time and resources invested - particularly when smaller botnets are increasingly being used by criminals in order to stay beneath the radar?

What are the legalities and the ethics involved in taking proactive steps to disrupt botnet activities and in attempting to remove bots from infected machines?

A panel of experts will discuss all aspects of botnets and the industry's approaches to tackling them.

  • Gunter Ollmann, Damballa
  • Pierre-Marc Bureau, ESET
  • David Sancho, Trend Micro
  • Bob Burls, Police Central e-Crime Unit
  • Chaired by: Chester Wisniewski, Sophos  digg this! digg this

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