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At least 99.4% of spam blocked in recent Virus Bulletin test

All solutions on test blocked at least 99.4% of spam, but some struggled with false positive issues; survey also shows few products support DMARC. (0 comments)

06 February 2014

Latest VBSpam tests show web host spam harder to block

Most filters see a small increase in their catch rates overall. (0 comments)

17 June 2013

Catch rates drop in latest VBSpam tests

Spam more of a challenge for majority of products. (0 comments)

27 March 2013

VB data supports Google's claim to having reduced compromised accounts

Internet giant may indeed do something right; Yahoo! has a real problem. (0 comments)

21 February 2013

Impressive results in latest VBSpam test

Excellent performances in spam filter test - plus evidence of a correlation between spam 'passing' SPF and an increased delivery rate. (0 comments)

04 February 2013

Correction to VBSpam results

Spamhaus and SURBL results re-evaluated. (0 comments)

27 November 2012

Latest spam filter test shows spam catch rates have bounced back

Spam catch rates improve, but performance on phishing lags behind that on other spam. (0 comments)

21 November 2012

Latest VBSpam test results show drop in spam catch rates again

Downward trend in performance continues. (0 comments)

31 July 2012

Spam catch rates drop in latest VBSpam test

Catch rates significantly lower than in previous months. (1 comment)

19 March 2012

Latest VBSpam certification results published

Latest VBSpam results published - full report now also available.

21 November 2011

Confirmed newsletter subscriptions half as likely to be blocked

Good practice means good performance. (0 comments)

19 September 2011

Explosive growth of malicious spam

Spam filters less likely to block current malware campaigns. (0 comments)

17 August 2011

VB calls for collaboration amongst anti-spam vendors

VB finds that, when it comes to spam filtering, a combined effort outperforms individual products. (0 comments)

30 November 2009

Anti-spam products do well in VB testing

VB announces anti-spam certification results. (0 comments)

04 November 2009

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