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Is your fridge sending spam?

It's possible that smart devices are sending spam, but it wouldn't make any difference. (0 comments)

21 January 2014

Syrian conflict used in pump-and-dump spam

Short campaign could have had desired effect. (0 comments)

9 September 2013

Kelihos checks machines' IP addresses against DNS blacklists

Role of node in a botnet dependent on whether the IP address is blacklisted. (0 comments)

29 August 2013

Are Gmail's new advertisements in breach of CAN-SPAM?

Marketers upset about 'emails' that you can't unsubscribe from. (1 comment)

8 August 2013

Is publishing your employees' email addresses such a big deal?

Beware of a false sense of security. (0 comments)

24 July 2013

Compromised Yahoo! accounts continue to spread Android malware

Problem likely to be on Yahoo!'s side. (0 comments)

24 June 2013

Latest VBSpam tests show web host spam harder to block

Most filters see a small increase in their catch rates overall. (0 comments)

17 June 2013

Microsoft 'found to make requests' to URLs shared via Skype

HEAD requests likely used to determine landing page. (0 comments)

14 May 2013

Cybercriminals quick to exploit emerging news

Malicious emails appear a matter of hours after news of explosions in the US. (0 comments)

18 April 2013

Different focus on spam needed

What happens before the filter doesn't matter too much. (0 comments)

16 April 2013

Catch rates drop in latest VBSpam tests

Spam more of a challenge for majority of products. (0 comments)

27 March 2013

Spam link sends Android users to trojan proxy

Meanwhile, desktop users sent to (relatively harmless) weight-loss site. (0 comments)

18 March 2013

VB data supports Google's claim to having reduced compromised accounts

Internet giant may indeed do something right; Yahoo! has a real problem. (0 comments)

21 February 2013

Massive drop in PPI SMS spam after spammers fined

Levels still higher than for most of 2012. (0 comments)

12 February 2013

Impressive results in latest VBSpam test

Excellent performances in spam filter test - plus evidence of a correlation between spam 'passing' SPF and an increased delivery rate. (0 comments)

04 February 2013

Latest spam filter test shows spam catch rates have bounced back

Spam catch rates improve, but performance on phishing lags behind that on other spam. (0 comments)

21 November 2012

One in ten spam messages contains drive-by download link

80-fold increase in one month. (0 comments)

24 October 2012

Air Force Major Abacha Tunde needs your help

419 scam asks you to help release funds to get Nigerian astronaut back to earth. (0 comments)

14 September 2012

Latest VBSpam test results show drop in spam catch rates again

Downward trend in performance continues. (0 comments)

31 July 2012

Grum botnet's command-and-control servers shut down

Spam-sending botnet believed to be third largest in the world. (0 comments)

19 July 2012

Cybercriminals offering service flooding email, phone and SMS

DDoS-type attack could seriously disrupt business. (0 comments)

19 July 2012

Significant rise in malicious spam and phishing

Over one quarter of malicious emails contain eight-year-old malware. (0 comments)

11 April 2012

Spam catch rates drop in latest VBSpam test

Catch rates significantly lower than in previous months. (1 comment)

19 March 2012

'Unsubscribe' URL in junk fax leads to malware

Trojan downloader behind URL. (0 comments)

24 February 2012

200-fold increase in HTML-attachment spam

Cutwail botnet likely behind campaign that sends users to Phoenix exploit kit. (0 comments)

16 February 2012

'Hotmail and Gmail have best spam filter' says Cascade spam test

Comparative test did not take false positives into account. (5 comments)

15 February 2012

Vulnerability turns McAfee's anti-malware solution into open relay

Flaw allows for spam to be sent through customers' PCs. (1 comment)

19 January 2012

Spammers link to site containing QR code

Curious users may scan URL and end up on pharma websites. (0 comments)

10 January 2012

Spammers using Google open redirect

Vulnerability 'not worthy of bug bounty program'. (0 comments)

15 December 2011

IETF expedites publication of RFC describing feedback loop recommendations

Document fast-tracked to be published shortly before the sad passing of its author J.D. Falk. (0 comments)

17 November 2011

South Korea to ask ISPs to block port 25 traffic

Experts sceptical about long-term effects on spam levels. (0 comments)

15 November 2011

'Meta-phish' uses attached form to evade web filters

Landing page contains clear warning. (0 comments)

21 October 2011

Dutch ISP sues Spamhaus for 'extortion'

Blacklist entries 'unfair and illegal'. (0 comments)

13 October 2011

E-marketing companies compromised to send spam

Fake order confirmations contain malicious links. (0 comments)

27 September 2011

New RFC grants DKIM improved status

Email signing method now 'Draft Standard'. (0 comments)

23 September 2011

Malicious spam campaigns leave experts puzzled

Increase in malware in spam has not led to increase in malicious activity. (0 comments)

21 September 2011

Confirmed newsletter subscriptions half as likely to be blocked

Good practice means good performance. (0 comments)

19 September 2011

Explosive growth of malicious spam

Spam filters less likely to block current malware campaigns. (0 comments)

17 August 2011

Spam sent via fake out-of-office messages

'Sick leave' message followed by weight loss spam. (1 comment)

11 August 2011

Rogue Twitter application steals passwords

'See who stalks my Twitter' used to lure users. (1 comment)

19 July 2011

Hotmail beefs up security with stricter password policy

'My friend has been spammed' button also welcomed by experts. (0 comments)

18 July 2011

Google delists all domains from its index

Large fraction of sites deemed 'spammy or low-quality'. (0 comments)

04 July 2011

Spammers using social network templates

Templates from social networking sites used to make messages appear legitimate. (0 comments)

30 June 2011

Outlook spam phishes for SMTP credentials

Login details would give spammers access to legitimate mail servers. (0 comments)

20 June 2011

95% of spam monetized through three banks

Financial infrastructure possible bottleneck for spammers. (0 comments)

25 May 2011

Spammers use unicode trick to manipulate file names

Windows executable appears to be Word document. (0 comments)

16 May 2011

Adobe releases emergency update for Flash Player

Zero-day exploit actively being abused. (0 comments)

14 April 2011

Major email service provider suffers data breach

Financial institutions among affected customers. (0 comments)

05 April 2011

Cutwail botnet sent 1.7 trillion spam messages

Operators made several million through botnet. (1 comment)

18 March 2011

Spam levels take a nose dive as Rustock apparently taken down - update

Eerie silence from Rustock botnet. Microsoft reported to have co-ordinated take down. (0 comments)

17 March 2011

Spammers exploit internationalized domain names

Non-Latin characters in URLs used to trick filters. (1 comment)

03 March 2011

Mrs Mubarak's IP addresses used by spammers

Spammers finding new ways to obtain non-blacklisted addresses. (1 comment)

01 February 2011

New peer-to-peer botnet discovered

New botnet shares fast flux DNS and other similarities with Storm and Waledac. (0 comments)

04 January 2011

More than 1 million Chinese phones infected with malware

Mobile botnet sending out SMS spam. (0 comments)

11 November 2010

Microsoft's machines hijacked by spammers

Servers also used for DoS attack on security journalist's site. (0 comments)

14 October 2010

ARF published as IETF standard

Abuse report format helps auto-handling of email complaints (0 comments)

02 September 2010

41% of spam sent via Rustock botnet

Botnet spam back after short summer break. (0 comments)

26 August 2010

Microsoft sues alleged spammer for gaming Hotmail's spam filter

Messages marked as 'not spam' from phony web mail accounts. (0 comments)

18 June 2010

Contract spam serving malware

Recipients made to believe they have been sent emails accidentally. (0 comments)

05 May 2010

Spammers move from China to Russia

Stricter rules on registering .cn domains leads to increase in malicious .ru domains. (0 comments)

24 February 2009

EU report suggests 95% of email is spam

Less than five per cent of all SMTP connections result in an email being delivered into a user's inbox. (0 comments)

26 January 2009

Project Honey Pot 'celebrates' billionth spam message

Facebook about to become most phished organization. (1 comment)

15 December 2009

Botnets becoming more robust

Zeus botnet used Amazon's in-the-cloud service to control bots. (0 comments)

15 December 2009

Legal success against notorious spammers

Atkinson to pay huge fine; Ralsky to spend years in prison. (0 comments)

01 December 2009

VB calls for collaboration amongst anti-spam vendors

VB finds that, when it comes to spam filtering, a combined effort outperforms individual products. (0 comments)

30 November 2009

Webmail data leak hype deflated

Rumoured phishing explosion grabs headlines, reality much more mundane. (0 comments)

09 October 2009

Take-down of rogue ISP sees temporary drop in spam levels

Spam levels back to normal within a few days. (1 comment)

28 August 2009

Unspam files lawsuit against unnamed cybercrooks

Anti-spam firm hopes to force banks to share more information on attacks. (0 comments)

25 August 2009

Yahoo! re-opens e-postage discussion

'CentMail' to benefit charities, harm spammers. (0 comments)

21 August 2009

Anti-Obama sentiments used in spam campaign

'DDoS software' turns out to be malware. (0 comments)

21 August 2009

McColo shutdown not felt the same by all recipients

Mailbox-level reduction may depend on spam detection methods.

21 July 2009

Five botnets responsible for 75% of spam sent

Each infected machine sends spam at rate of almost two messages per second. (0 comments)

16 July 2009

URL shorteners experience surge of popularity among spammers

More than 2.2% of spam contains shortened URLs. (1 comment)

09 July 2009

VB announces latest VBSpam certification results

Two products achieve top level VBSpam Platinum award. (0 comments)

01 July 2009

DKIM usage shows significant growth

US banks urged to use authentication method (2 comments)

29 June 2009

BBC botnet hijack proves controversial

Legal issues raised by broadcaster's demo of spamming, DDoS, cleanup attempt. (0 comments)

12 March 2009

Symantec slip sparks suspicion, spam

Update error leads to conspiracy theories and exploitation of fears. (5 comments)

12 March 2009

Valentine's lures lead to infection

Predicted spate of romance hooks under way. (0 comments)

10 February 2009

Virus Bulletin announces new anti-spam certification scheme

Independent security testing body to certify anti-spam products. (4 comments)

08 January 2009

Twitter hit by phishing and hacks

Popular micro-blog site latest target of link spammers. (0 comments)

06 January 2009

CastleCops closes down

Security community project comes to an end. (2 comments)

06 January 2009

Disconnection of dubious provider sees spam levels plummet

Web-hosting firm believed to be responsible for 75% of spam. (0 comments)

13 November 2008

Riders on a Storm

Researchers hijack botnet - and find spam success rates lower than previously believed. (0 comments)

11 November 2008

Free speech argument overturns AOL spammer conviction

Virginia court upholds notorious Jaynes' right to express himself in bulk. (7 comments)

16 September 2008

Storm mails bring spoof World War 3 news

US-Iran war story used as hook for malware barrage. (0 comments)

10 July 2008

MAAWG unveils spam and botnet battling policies

Working group of ISPs and net operators issue traffic calming guidelines. (0 comments)

30 June 2008

Spammers turn to DoubleClick for open redirect

Loophole in Google's AdSense solved, but new flaw quickly uncovered. (4 comments)

03 June 2008

Spam and ID theft attacked from all sides

EU body issues warning, ICANN, Japan and Yahoo! take on spammers and phishers. (0 comments)

03 June 2008

MySpace wins record payout in case against spammers

'Spam Kings' Wallace and Rines fined maximum amount under federal law. (1 comment)

14 May 2008

Cracked CAPTCHAs used to create malicious blogs

Blogs on Google's blogging system redirect to spam sites. (0 comments)

25 April 2008

More than 50% of users regularly double-check for false positive spam filtering

Only 12% of users trust their spam filter sufficiently not to bother sifting through spam folder. (7 comments)

16 April 2008

Average spam message size at record low

No decrease of bandwidth usage as number of spam messages keeps increasing. (0 comments)

3 April 2008

April Storm

April Fools' Day emails contain new variant of infamous worm. (1 comment)

1 April 2008

Hoax email warns about 'nasty virus'

Phony advice causes removal of site from search engines. (0 comments)

17 March 2008

Spammer's free speech defence fails

Appeal against conviction turned down. (0 comments)

07 March 2008

Gmail CAPTCHA cracked

Twenty per cent success rate sufficient to create thousands of spam accounts. (1 comment)

26 February 2008

Malware going local

Report sees trend toward greater localisation of threats. (0 comments)

22 February 2008

Japanese super-spammer arrested

Tokyo man sent 2.2 billion emails. (0 comments)

19 February 2008

Storm Valentines run under way

Seasonal spam and malware barrage gets going.

12 February 2008

Live Mail CAPTCHA system bypassed

Spammers use botnet to register accounts on popular free webmail service.

11 February 2008

Complex attack targets Better Business Bureau

Sophisticated scam uses personalised mails, real site redirects.

07 February 2008

FTC fines spammers over $2.5 million

Drug pushers busted for phony claims and CAN-SPAM breaches.

06 February 2008

419 scammers plead guilty in US

African trio admit attempts to defraud via spam.

04 February 2008

US agencies report vishing, extortion, danger of hacking

FBI name used in email attacks, CIA warns of power supply hacks.

21 January 2008

Stormy love letters

Storm botnet celebrates birthday with new wave of spam.

16 January 2008

Spam printing proof-of-concept revealed

Lack of security allows websites to send spammish content to network printers.

14 January 2008

Inconvenient content

Hackers include spammish content into Al Gore's website.

28 November 2007

Phished data used for phishing attacks

Password leak leads to major CRM customer data haul.

09 November 2007

LinkedIn providing open redirect

Lax website setup could be used to trick the unwary.

08 November 2007

Symantec warns of rigged Google search links

Advanced search options lead clickers straight to junk sites.

06 November 2007

Storm spams promise spooky Halloween

Tricks not treats as skeleton game emails link to attack.

31 October 2007

Pump-and-dumpers move on to MP3 spam

Audio files latest stock pushing tactic.

18 October 2007

Bulletproof hosting firm claims legitimacy

Crime-laden Russian service threatens to sue detractors.

17 October 2007

Storm botnet evolution hints at spam and DDoS renting

Latest change in tactics could mean zombie clusters for hire.

17 October 2007

Five to six years for $1 million porn spammers

Strong sentences for CAN-SPAM breaches, money laundering.

15 October 2007

Online fraud fighters' reputation targeted by crooks

Joe Job attack aims to blacken good name of UK crimefighter Bobbear.

15 October 2007

Spam sneaked out via YouTube systems

Entertainment site service used to send junk mails.

09 October 2007

Storm DDoS hits anti-scam sites

419 fighters attacked - NFL and TOR latest spam hooks.

10 September 2007

Spamhaus $11 million fine thrown out

Appeal court quashes earlier e360 compensation ruling.

07 September 2007

YouTube latest Storm hook

Fake video links aim to pull in yet more victims.

28 August 2007

Monster haul of data reaped from job site

Trojan gathers 1.6 million sets of jobseeker records.

22 August 2007

Phish poses as Sophos malware alert

Fake security alarm lures users to spoofed site.

20 August 2007

Storm e-card malware keeps on coming

No end to flood of fake friendly greetings.

17 August 2007

57% of spam scam sites hosted in US

Study investigates sites and servers linked to from spam.

09 August 2007

Pharmacy spammer gets 30 years

'Rizler' convicted on drugs, conspiracy and money laundering charges.

09 August 2007

Major pump-and-dump campaign floods inboxes

Heavy stock scam barrage ups spam levels 30%.

08 August 2007

Spammers sentenced

Sentences for first US spammer to be convicted under CAN-SPAM and Australian mobile phone marketers.

01 August 2007

Spreadsheets latest spam message carriers

XLS files follow PDFs as junk email ad vector.

25 July 2007

Study promotes challenge-response for anti-spam

Interactive system rated best blocker in questioned survey.

19 July 2007

Japan to tighten spam laws

Proposals to further restrict email and phone spamming.

16 July 2007

26 phishing arrests in Italy

Police swoop on Poste Italiane spam scam gangs.

16 July 2007

SEC brings case against pump-and-dump spammers

Scam spotted after spammed mail sent to SEC lawyer.

11 July 2007

Spoof Spamhaus ads spammed out

Mail campaign claims to promote spam fighters.

10 July 2007

Fake malware infection alerts spammed out

Latest spam run masquerades as malware warning and fix.

09 July 2007

Fourth of July targeted by trojan spam

Celebration card emails carry links to malware.

04 July 2007

Spammer offers new service

Spammer turns court order into money-making opportunity.

01 July 2007

US porn spammers convicted

Two found guilty of CAN-SPAM breaches.

26 June 2007

China steps up fight against spammers

Blacklist aims to reduce massive spamming levels.

19 June 2007

Spammer enters guilty plea

Admits to having spammed 1.2 million AOL customers.

12 June 2007

Spam barrages take down filters, networks

Report shows increase in spam bombardment attacks.

07 June 2007

Anti-spam laws take hold in Hong Kong

Tough new controls aim at stamping out spam.

01 June 2007

Another 'Spam King' arrested

Spammer brought to book after 4-year campaign.

01 June 2007

Pestilent spammer arrested

Another 'spam king' locked up.

01 June 2007

IETF accepts DKIM specification as proposed standard

Email authentication system moves to approval stage.

23 May 2007

New spam-fighting system for France

Junk mail blacklisting project goes live.

18 May 2007

Phishing moves into more new areas

Surveys, phone lines, USB sticks and call girls the latest tactics for spammers and phishers.

09 May 2007

Law to stop spam reaching kids dubbed a failure

Utah registry to protect children's email leaks cash and addresses.

04 May 2007

Touchy mail blocker upsets Gay

Content filter berates woman for using own name in mails.

02 May 2007

Massive lawsuit brought against spam harvesters

Harvesting detection project aims to prosecute address abusers.

01 May 2007

Email this!

VB stops spammer in his tracks.

01 May 2007

Theft spam, fraud and web threats may rival ad spam

Spring threat reports show rise in spying, zombies, spear-phishing and cracked websites.

24 April 2007

Spam-fighters coalition formed

ICSA announces cooperative forum of anti-spam developers.

13 April 2007

US lengthens lead as top spammer

Rivals improve record to leave US spamming rate a standout.

13 April 2007

UK ISP association issues spam guidelines

ISPA best practices document advises providers on spam control.

05 April 2007

Swiss spam law to enforce user security

New law may penalise careless zombie hosts.

04 April 2007

Spam costing US companies over $70 billion per year

Survey finds junk email costs $713 per head in loss of productivity.

04 April 2007

Phishing attacks reach new high

APWG releases phishing figures for January.

01 April 2007

Scammers launch anti-terrorist hotline

Met Police website spoofed by 419 scammers.

01 April 2007

Major companies hosting spam bots

Zombies in corporate networks spotted pumping out spam.

30 March 2007

Genuine sites hacked by spammers

PHP flaws used to lend legitimate air to spam content.

30 March 2007

MySpace latest to sue spammer Wallace

Social site takes on notorious junk mail merchant.

30 March 2007

Search, link and trackback spam flooding web

Blogs, social sites and search results rivaling email for junk ads.

22 March 2007

UK bankers show 44% rise in online theft

APACS study records major increase in phishing fraud earnings.

14 March 2007

New Zealand passes anti-spam law

As bulk emailing is regulated in NZ, Canada hears calls for similar laws.

09 March 2007

SEC halts trading in spammed stocks

Share trading in 35 pumped and dumped companies suspended.

09 March 2007

Scotsman wins case against spammer

Small claims case nets damages for spammed citizen.

06 March 2007

UK watchdog body backs phishing victims

Consumer group Which? urges banks to protect customers scammed online.

01 March 2007

Phishing techniques

Sorin Mustaca documents common and emerging phishing techniques.

01 March 2007

Backdoor spam targets website operators

Mails posing as security alert from hosting service carry malware.

27 February 2007

MS patents phishy URL blocker idea

Patent filed for suspect address recognition software.

20 February 2007

Australian PM subject of phishing spam

John Howard heart attack emails carrying data-stealing backdoor trojan.

20 February 2007

Mixed messages on Valentine's spam

Storm Worm unleashes another wave of love, but ad spam may be down.

14 February 2007

Singapore proposes tough new spam laws

Proposed bill will hit spammers with heavy fines.

13 February 2007

Hacker tool spammer pleads guilty

Iowa man admits spamming password-stealer sales pitch.

08 February 2007

FTC experts predict better global action on spam

New US laws should bring improvements in worldwide cooperation.

08 February 2007

Dutch spammer gets $97,000 fine

9 billion spams sent in 14 months.

02 February 2007

Koreans arrested for 1.6 billion spam blitz

Duo charged with massive spam and phishing campaign.

01 February 2007

Upcoming events

Round up of this year's must-attend spam events.

01 February 2007

Turing Test to combat phone spam

NEC trumpets smart new VoIP spam blocker.

30 January 2007

MySpace sues Spam King

Serial spammer faces more fines for abusing social system.

24 January 2007

Spams hiding in real emails

Genuine newsletter content used as cover for ad campaign.

23 January 2007

Bad news spams carrying trojans

Storms and killers in headlines aim to hook email readers.

19 January 2007

MySpace data phished and leaked

56,000 login details exposed by phishing researchers.

19 January 2007

More phishers and spammers face prison time

US, Dutch and Japanese police crack down on online bad guys.

17 January 2007

Phishing sites surge in December

General reports of huge rise in figures in late 2006.

16 January 2007

PayPal to issue one-time password tokens

Extra security aims at controlling phishing losses.

12 January 2007

Spammers threaten murder

Hitman death-threat phish reported.

12 January 2007

Spam rise... and fall

Amid glut of spam boom stories, one firm sees big drop.

11 January 2007

eBay to roll out anti-phishing improvement

Member ID protection to go global after localised testing.

10 January 2007

31% of UK businesses flouting spam laws

Survey finds leading companies in breach of EU spam regulations.

08 January 2007

Cisco buys into anti-spam market

Network giant snaps up IronPort for $830 million.

04 January 2007

UK anti-spam victory for Microsoft

Lawsuit won against UK spammer.

03 January 2007

Government agencies take anti-phishing action

Spear-phishing awareness training and testing for staff.

03 January 2007

UK taxman warns of rebate phish

Mails promising tax refund just another scam.

18 December 2006

Microsoft wins block on spam list seller

Court bars bulk email address sales site from further business.

18 December 2006

US Postal Service accused of spamming

Customer email campaign in breach of CAN-SPAM regulations.

15 December 2006

UK phishing up 8000% in two years, says FSA

Government report shows massive rise in scams.

15 December 2006

Putting a price on spam

Email-forwarding system lets users set a fee to let spam through.

14 December 2006

Mobile spam wave hits Europe

Multilingual SMS spams reported.

07 December 2006

EU to fund Symantec phishing studies

Security firm in consortium researching phishing prevention.

05 December 2006

China source of huge phishing surge

Spam watchers see major jump in scam spam sent from China

04 December 2006

Anti-spammer loses case

Anti-spam activist sued in case that brings enforceability of state anti-spam laws into question.

01 December 2006

Europe facing 38 billion spams a day by 2010

Research group releases report on future spam trends.

29 November 2006

EU demands better spam and malware fighting

Commission report calls for smarter response to online onslaught.

29 November 2006

Spammers and phishers target Christmas shoppers

Online shoppers and email users face heightened festive risks.

22 November 2006

McAfee in anti-phishing confusion

Latest study rates all filters poorly, slates SiteAdvisor.

22 November 2006

Firefox anti-phishing better, says Mozilla

Browser phishing filters battle for supremacy.

16 November 2006

Russians dominate spammer top ten

Half of ten worst spammers from former USSR.

14 November 2006

More US political spam

Voter persuasion campaign late and sloppy, says Panda

11 November 2006

US politicians slated for spam tactics

Report criticises leaders for election-pushing mass mail campaigns.

09 November 2006

US way ahead in phishing and spam

PhishTank, Sophos stats put US at top of lists.

07 November 2006

Spam worse than postal junk mail

Survey finds emails more irritating than unwanted paper.

03 November 2006

Wikipedia spam points to malware

Emails used archive function to lend authenticity.

03 November 2006

Spammed trojans posing as McAfee report

Campaign uses security news to bypass security.

02 November 2006

Spamhaus rests easy

US judge rules against suspending Spamhaus domain.

01 November 2006

Spam hits record levels in October

Image-based pump-and-dumps add to inbox bloat.

01 November 2006

Sender ID specification released

Microsoft reveals all as part of its Open Specification Promise.

01 November 2006

New anti-spam group formed

StopSpamAlliance unites international bodies.

01 November 2006

Phish check interface

Developer interface for checking phishy URLs.

01 November 2006

Australian spam firm fined $4.1 million

First case under spam laws brings hefty punishment.

27 October 2006

Sender ID licence opened up

Microsoft frees up access to anti-spam framework.

25 October 2006

UK banks failing online users

Report names and shames insecure banking sites - again.

24 October 2006

IE7 used as phishing lure

Spam campaign tries to hook users with new browser version.

19 October 2006

MySpace users targeted by spam campaign

Phishers pose as online contacts to push bogus shopping sites.

19 October 2006

Domain name threat to Spamhaus

Anti-spam system at risk of losing identity.

11 October 2006

Hormel denied spam copyright

EU court rejects trademark dispute.

05 October 2006

Gmail slashes spam FPs

Hotmail lagging behind on mislabelled ham.

03 October 2006

Web community fights phishing

Vote-based anti-phish system launched.

03 October 2006

More spammers nabbed by Earthlink

ISP helps FBI track down spamming duo.

02 October 2006

Phishers indicted

Six men charged with masterminding a phishing operation.

01 October 2006

Spammer's appeal rejected

Weaselboy conviction upheld.

29 September 2006

AOL phishers indicted

Team of six face jail in Connecticut.

28 September 2006

Volvo syndrome for Mac users

Relative safety may lead to unsafe practices.

28 September 2006

More than 90% of email is spam

Spamhaus founder estimates spam levels significantly higher than other industry monitors.

22 September 2006

Spam King sued again

Serial spammer charged with more spamming.

19 September 2006

FTC shuts down spammers

Four spam companies hit by CAN-SPAM rulings.

18 September 2006

Chain letter email reaps addresses

Fake research a harvesting trick by spammers.

15 September 2006

Spamhaus fined $11.7 million for blocking spam

US judgement meaningless, says UK anti-spam project.

15 September 2006

ISP wins $11 million from spammers

Judgement in EarthLink lawsuit grants heavy payout.

14 September 2006

Barclays phish spammed widely

64% of recent phishes targeting global brand.

13 September 2006

Phishing records broken in July

Highest ever numbers of phishing sites and brands, reports APWG.

12 September 2006

Fake news site carries trojan

Conspiracy warning spam points to exploit web page.

12 September 2006

Spearphishers track eBay trades

Auction losers tempted by second-chance phishes.

12 September 2006

Phishers cast nets less wide

More scams hitting fewer targets, says report.

8 September 2006

MS sues UK spammer

Civil action avoids spam law technicalities.

7 September 2006

Subliminal message hidden in spam

Mail campaign aims to sneak into readers' subconscious minds.

6 September 2006

Nine years for spam felon

Tough sentence upheld despite free-speech claims.

6 September 2006

Phishing on the rise

One in three malicious emails a phish, says MessageLabs.

5 September 2006

New New Zealand spam laws to allow spam

Adjustments to laws may let 'non-commercial' spam continue.

4 September 2006

Future browsers battle phishing

Microsoft and Mozilla's upcoming new versions to include safety measures.

1 September 2006

Spot that spammer

Quiz tests consumers' ability to identify spam causing sites.

01 September 2006

AT&T hack led to spearphish

Stolen details used to trick victims out of further info.

1 September 2006

A fine, a curfew and a treasure hunt

Round up of the month's spammer penalties.

01 September 2006

eBay phishing ups its game

Decent spelling and convincing design aim to trick users.

31 August 2006

Corporate mail spam drops Haxdoor

Business-related message carries trojan.

31 August 2006

iPod spam carries trojan

Fake sales invoice includes downloader.

30 August 2006

Share dealers robbed, phishing suspected

Canadian stock-trading association warns of security breaches.

29 August 2006

Child porn blackmail spam carries trojan

Spoof mail claims to come from anti-child porn site.

24 August 2006

Phishing help for Yahoo! users

As phishing nets spread wider, Yahoo! announces defensive 'seal'.

24 August 2006

Stock scam spam duo sued

Pump-and-dump couple face fines, as do many others worldwide.

22 August 2006

Phishers target more charities

Christian Aid warns supporters of bogus emails, while Katrina phishmaster is indicted.

18 August 2006

AOL digging for spammer's treasure

Web giant plans hunt for hidden spam gold.

16 August 2006

US e-vigilante takes on spammers

65-year-old files 82 cases in two years.

14 August 2006

Spammers sued under child-protection law

State of Michigan accuses spam companies of corrupting minors.

11 August 2006

JFK spam scam

419ers try conspiracy tactic.

09 August 2006

419 ringleader arrested

Scammer made $2m, now behind bars in Lagos.

09 August 2006

Spammers target phones

Text message spam on the rise.

07 August 2006

Rain of phish hits UK

Single botnet responsible for 8 million phishing emails.

03 August 2006

Interpol site spoofed

Beware fake international police organizations...

02 August 2006

BBC hypes 'more than 95% spam rate'

Shock figure drawn from dubious source.

02 August 2006

Anti-phishing best practices

Anti-phishing recommendations for ISPs and mailbox providers.

01 August 2006

Supply of data to spammers stopped

Database thief charged.

01 August 2006

New and revised laws

New anti-spam laws prepared and old ones revisited.

01 August 2006

Market consolidation

Mergers in the anti-spam market.

01 August 2006

Phone phishes

Watch out for fake SMS messages.

01 July 2006

Blue Frog croaks but may rise again

Open source project to create anti-spam opt-out tool based on the defunct Blue Frog service.

01 June 2006

Gone phishing in Japan

Japan's first crackdown on organized phishing.

01 June 2006

Spam papers available

Organizers of the 2006 Spam Conference encourage you to get reading.

01 May 2006

VoIP phishing scam

New species of phish spotted.

01 May 2006

OECD calls for coordination and cooperation

OECD issues 'Recommendation on Cross-Border Cooperation in the Enforcement of Laws against Spam'.

01 May 2006

Code of practice for Australia's ISPs

Legislative code to come into force.

01 April 2006

Largest can-spam fine to be paid

Internet marketing firm makes $900,000 settlement.

01 April 2006

China calculates cost of spam

Lost productivity costs dear.

01 April 2006

AOL targets phishers

Three phishing gangs face legal action

02 March 2006

Vigilant staff avert phishing scam

Scammers halted in their tracks

01 March 2006

China to crack down on spam

China toughens up its anti-spam regulations

01 March 2006

Dutch police arrest Nigerian scammers

419 scamming ring uncovered

01 March 2006

AOL and Yahoo! to adopt sender-pays system

Email by first class.

06 February 2006

Spammer to pay AOL over $5 million

Company wins case against prolific spammer.

01 February 2006

Hong Kong proposes anti-spam bill

Proposals for anti-spam legislation revealed.

01 February 2006

Lawsuit served by email

Costly misclassification of email as spam

10 January 2006

Attempt to ban voicemail spamming

Rogers Wireless Inc. appeals to Canadian Radio-television and Telemarketing Commission for a ban on voicemail spamming.

03 January 2006

Man claims damages for spam

Brit takes action against spammers.

03 January 2006

A global view

live spam map showing exactly where spam is coming from.

30 September 2005

Czech spammers receive fines

The Czech Office for Personal Data Protection (UOOU) imposes first fines for spamming offences.

29 September 2005

Spam 'hotline' for German users

German email users can now report spam directly to the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (vzbv)

28 September 2005

Trial and retribution

Former AOL employee Jason Smathers sentenced to 15 months imprisonment for selling customers' email details to spammers.

30 August 2005

Spammer reformed?

Scott Richter, aka the 'Spam King', is no longer classed as a spammer according to Spamhaus's authoritative Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO)

30 July 2005

Prolific spammer found dead

Police investigate murder of Russian spammer

27 July 2005

Computer Associates acquires anti-spam firm

CA hops on the bandwaggon

27 July 2005

World's second largest spam-producing country signs up to anti-spam plan

After months of discussions the Chinese government has signed up to the London Action Plan on Spam

05 July 2005

Liberty alliance to safeguard mobile users against spam

Liberty Alliance, puts together team to create service interface specifications for content messaging, in an attempt to safeguard the privacy of mobile device users.

19 June 2005

Microsoft sues again

Microsoft is back in court continuing its fight against spammers.

28 June 2005

Trend raises its anti-spam presence

Trend Micro Inc. acquires IP filtering and reputation services specialist Kelkea (formerly known as Maps).

27 June 2005

Changing CAN-SPAM

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has invited public comment on a number of changes it proposes making to the CAN-SPAM Act.

28 May 2005

Settlement reached in FTC vs Fuel MAX case

FTC settles a case against spammers peddling 'fuel-saving' product

11 May 2005

UN discusses spam

The United Nations (UN) Working Group on Internet Governance focuses on spam, network security and cybercrime

29 April 2005

Car sales website fined for SMS spamming

Australian Communications Authority takes action

05 April 2005

Bankruptcy for Spam King

Microsoft lawsuit cited as reason for bankruptcy

30 March 2005

Spammer investigated in the Ukraine

Spammer undergoes criminal investigation in the Donetsk region of the Ukraine

04 March 2005

Spam conviction dismissed

Judge overturns conviction in US spam case

04 March 2005

MSNBC's spam boob

News channel sends spam message as 'breaking news'

25 February 2005

US spammers arrested

Airport arrest for 18-year-old spammer, and felony charge for SMS election spammer

18 February 2005

Microsoft and Pfizer join forces to slam spam

Two giants unite in the courtroom

14 February 2005

University of Calgary teaches spam

Learnt how to create viruses? Now learn how to create spam and spyware

8 February 2005

India to curb SMS spam

Supreme Court urges government to crack down on mobile spam

8 February 2005

New Zealand to curb spam

Anti-spam codes of conduct for SMS and email

3 February 2005

No soft touch for legitimate companies

FTC representative warns legitimate marketers it will go after them too if they don't comply with CAN SPAM regulations

2 February 2005

German spammers to get hefty fine

New legislation proposes fines to deter would-be spammers

2 February 2005

Tsunami unlocks floodgates for opportunists

An inevitable string of tsunami related hoaxes, fraud attempts and new malware variants

1 February 2005

EarthLink wins case against spammers

'Substantial' cash settlement

26 January 2005

Spammer sues spammed

The tables are turned

19 January 2005

Explosion in SMS spam

Korean cell phone users suffer onslaught of spam

17 January 2005

Texas sues for millions

Two spammers sued by the state of Texas

14 January 2005

FTC granted restraining order against porn spammers

'Sexually explicit' labelling rule violated

12 January 2005

Tsunami scamming begins

FBI warns donors of tsunami disaster relief fraud

6 January 2005

'Spam King' agrees to hold fire

For the time being at least...

5 January 2005

No deal for AOL employee

Judge refuses to accept guilty plea.

22 December 2004

Deal for AOL employee

AOL worker accused of selling customer email lists offered deal.

21 December 2004

ISP wins $1 billion against spammers

Largest judgement against spammers to date.

20 December 2004

Anti-spam law 'unconstitutional'

Judge says Maryland anti-spam law is flawed.

15 December 2004

DDoS stunt over

Lycos ends its 'make love not spam' campaign - but not before the file had been trojanised...

7 December 2004

More spammers for the slammer?

Microsoft continues to make good use of its legal resources.

3 December 2004

Most-spammed sees end in sight

Bill Gates says he hopes to have the spam problem under control within two years - again.

2 December 2004

Email authentication in the open

35 high-profile organisations sign open letter, calling for a rapid rollout of email authentication technologies

2 December 2004

Hotmail originator turns to anti-spam

Sabeer Bhatia, the man behind Hotmail, has announced that he has invested in an anti-spam company

2 December 2004

Save your soul with spam

Spam goes yet one step further - spiritual salvation!

2 December 2004

News by email

New twice-monthly email newsletter dedicated to news and technical information about the spam and anti-spam arena launched.

2 December 2004

Spam-reporting trial

Australia's latest anti-spam initiative

1 December 2004

Spam survey

Do women hate spam more than men? Are humans better at identifying spam than computers? Make your contribution to (anti-)spam research...

29 November 2004

Lycos turns hippy on spam

'Make love not spam'

29 November 2004

Most spammed

Think you've got it bad? Spare a thought for Bill.

19 November 2004

Spam becomes a collectors' item

British man sets up his own Museum of Spam.

29 October 2004

Storms put the wind up spammers

Significant decline in the volume of spam messages seen in the days immediately following the three recent hurricanes.

29 October 2004

Spam gets the sniffles

Spammers seize the opportunity to cash in on the US flu vaccine problem.

28 October 2004

Sender ID specification revised

Microsoft has another stab at getting its email authentication protocol approved.

26 October 2004

Action plan on spam

15 countries sign up to international action plan on spam.

13 October 2004

Online 'museum' displays collection of the finest spam...

As if you haven't already seen enough...

13 October 2004

Symantec to block phishing

Symantec announces new service to help stop phishing scams

24 September 2004

IETF rejects sender ID

The Internet Engineering Task Force has rejected Microsoft's preferred anti-spam specification.

23 September 2004

The bounty hunters are here

US Federal Trade Commission says the US government must be generous with its rewards if it decides to encourage 'bounty hunters' to track down email spammers

20 September 2004

Phish it yourself

Do-it-yourself phishing kits are available free of charge to anyone surfing the Internet.

31 August 2004

Virginian law is constitutional

US judge rules Virginia’s anti-spam law is constitutional.

27 August 2004

Chinese internet firm suspended

One-year suspension issued to mobile phone picture services supplier as punishment for carrying out unsolicited marketing.

26 August 2004

Verizon sues SMS spammers

Despite there currently being no US laws regarding SMS spam.

18 August 2004

Two victories, a settlement and a reduction in spam

A promising month in the fight against spam.

10 August 2004

Spammers brought to justice

Prosecutions made in Denmark, USA and India.

28 July 2004

Spammer to pay $40,000

Spam King agrees to settlement with NY State.

22 July 2004

McAfee plans move to Ireland

Emerald Isle lures another AV firm.

21 July 2004

AOL employee colludes with spammers

AOL victim of inside job.

8 July 2004

The world from an email marketer's point of view

Spam King Scott Richter says he is "out to make the Internet a better place with email marketing" .

07 July 2004

SMS spammer arrested

First Russian to be sentenced for sending spam.

29 June 2004

7 steps to a spam-free existence?

"Stunning" survey results lead to seven-step guide.

28 June 2004

Hormel halts Spam King in his tracks

No 'Spam King' clothing line for Richter.

17 June 2004

German government spammed

Government email systems overwhelmed

27 May 2004

Legislation: NZ makes a move

New Zealand government moves toward anti-spam legislation

27 May 2004

Cajun spammer tells it like it is

Straight talking spammer

23 May 2004

SpamCop at receiving end of a restraining order

Venerable spam reporting outfit SpamCop has had a restraining order granted against it on behalf of alleged spammer

12 May 2004

Spam on the catwalk

Spammer extraordinaire launches own clothing line

6 May 2004

Figures and fluctuations

Dips, increases and the cost of dealing with spam

6 May 2004

Law and order

Spamming set to become illegal in the Netherlands and other legislative news...

5 June 2004

Business news

Acquisitions and new product lines

28 April 2004

New sentencing, new legislation

United States Sentencing Commission gets busy...

1 April 2004

Shrinking violets

Consolidation in the anti-spam industry

1 April 2004

A bit of R&R

Man. Loves. His. Spam. No really.

21 March 2004

Fine for dialler spam

UK watchdog fines US company for sending spam

1 March 2004

ISPs refile lawsuits

AOL and EarthLink refile suits against spammers

1 March 2004

SMS spam goes down Down Under

Anti-spam code of conduct proves successful

1 March 2004

China sets deadline for spammers

China blacklists offending IP addresses

22 February 2004

Congressional attack on inboxes

US Congressional representatives send bulk email

29 January 2004

An end to 419 spam?

Nigerian government takes action.

29 January 2004

Email coaching for marketers

DMA releases quick-glance reference guide for email marketers.

15 January 2004

US and UK spam legislation in place

Anti-spam legislation in place.

29 December 2003

Seasonal spamming

Increase in spam in lead up to holiday season.

01 December 2003

SpamCop snapped up

IronPort Systems to purchase SpamCop

1 December 2003

Unanimous vote for CAN-SPAM Act

US Senate approves federal anti-spam legislation.

1 November 2003

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