Project Honey Pot 'celebrates' billionth spam message

Facebook about to become most phished organization. (1 comment)

15 December 2009

Botnets becoming more robust

Zeus botnet used Amazon's in-the-cloud service to control bots. (0 comments)

15 December 2009

IE zero-day bug fixed in Patch Tuesday updates

Serious browser bug main feature of monthly alerts, Adobe Flash issue also patched. (0 comments)

09 December 2009

Next VB100 comparative announced

SUSE test to challenge Linux products. (0 comments)

09 December 2009

False positive problem hits avast! users

Human failure blamed for faulty update. (2 comments)

09 December 2009

VB100 update

Post-test analysis corrects results for MS Forefront, CA. (0 comments)

04 December 2009

December issue of VB published

The December issue of Virus Bulletin is now available for subscribers to download.

02 December 2009

Legal success against notorious spammers

Atkinson to pay huge fine; Ralsky to spend years in prison. (0 comments)

01 December 2009

VB calls for collaboration amongst anti-spam vendors

VB finds that, when it comes to spam filtering, a combined effort outperforms individual products. (0 comments)

30 November 2009

AV-Comparatives releases latest retrospective figures

Half of products rated top-class in proactive detection testing. (0 comments)

30 November 2009

ICSA Labs report reveals testing details

Certification issues unmasked in 20-year lab survey. (0 comments)

11 November 2009

Fortinet announces IPO

Gateway specialist releases share price projections. (0 comments)

11 November 2009

Anti-spam products do well in VB testing

VB announces anti-spam certification results. (0 comments)

04 November 2009

November issue of VB published

The November issue of Virus Bulletin is now available for subscribers to download.

02 November 2009

AV-Comparatives publishes malware removal test

16 products challenged to remove selection of tricky infections. (0 comments)

29 October 2009

AMTSO members summit covers controversial issues

Expert body gets to grips with string of difficult subjects. (0 comments)

16 October 2009

Bumper crop of October patch releases

Busy weeks for admins as Patch Tuesday joined by Adobe fixes, and Mozilla announces plug-in checking plans. (0 comments)

16 October 2009

VB announces next VB100 test on Windows 7

Deadline announced for first VB100 comparative on new operating system.

12 October 2009

Webmail data leak hype deflated

Rumoured phishing explosion grabs headlines, reality much more mundane. (0 comments)

09 October 2009

11 out of 26 anti-virus products fail VB100 certification

VB reveals which products failed to meet VB100 certification criteria, and updated 'RAP quadrant' showing Reactive And Proactive detection abilities. (0 comments)

09 October 2009

October issue of VB published

The October issue of Virus Bulletin is now available for subscribers to download.

05 October 2009

Microsoft steps into free AV market

Security Essentials release creates expected storm of words. (3 comments)

02 October 2009

Latest AV-Comparatives test results released

High scores as 7 out of 16 graded Advanced+ in on demand tests (6 comments)

21 September 2009

Rogue AV claims to send money to environmental causes

'Green AV' best added to blacklist to avoid red faces. (6 comments)

03 September 2009

September issue of VB published

The September issue of Virus Bulletin is now available for subscribers to download.

01 September 2009

Take-down of rogue ISP sees temporary drop in spam levels

Spam levels back to normal within a few days. (1 comment)

28 August 2009

Unspam files lawsuit against unnamed cybercrooks

Anti-spam firm hopes to force banks to share more information on attacks. (0 comments)

25 August 2009

Yahoo! re-opens e-postage discussion

'CentMail' to benefit charities, harm spammers. (0 comments)

21 August 2009

ICANN adopts new domain tasting policy

'Free temporary registrations' come to an end. (0 comments)

21 August 2009

Anti-Obama sentiments used in spam campaign

'DDoS software' turns out to be malware. (0 comments)

21 August 2009

August issue of VB published

The August issue of Virus Bulletin is now available for subscribers to download.

03 August 2009

Yxe trojan infecting mobile phones

Symbian software-signing slipup certifies SMS spambot.

21 July 2009

McColo shutdown not felt the same by all recipients

Mailbox-level reduction may depend on spam detection methods.

21 July 2009

Call for last-minute technical papers

Submissions invited for technical 'turbo' talks at VB Geneva.

17 July 2009

Five botnets responsible for 75% of spam sent

Each infected machine sends spam at rate of almost two messages per second. (0 comments)

16 July 2009

Patch Tuesday brings little relief from browser exploits

Six fixes issued, but new IE zero day emerges along with Firefox flaw. (0 comments)

15 July 2009

Korea DDoS surge mired in hype and confusion

Rows rumble on over sources and targets of botnet attacks. (0 comments)

15 July 2009

URL shorteners experience surge of popularity among spammers

More than 2.2% of spam contains shortened URLs. (1 comment)

09 July 2009

Another IE zero day exploited

Second DirectShow vulnerability in six weeks labelled 'extremely critical'. (0 comments)

07 July 2009

Keyloggers used to loot US county

$415,000 sneaked from local government funds. (0 comments)

07 July 2009

Serious false positive hits users of old McAfee engines

Batch of system files wrongly flagged as malware, current versions not affected. (0 comments)

07 July 2009

VB announces latest VBSpam certification results

Two products achieve top level VBSpam Platinum award. (0 comments)

01 July 2009

July issue of VB published

The July issue of Virus Bulletin is now available for subscribers to download.

01 July 2009

DKIM usage shows significant growth

US banks urged to use authentication method (2 comments)

29 June 2009

Latest AV-Comparatives results released

Retrospective figures follow up February test. (0 comments)

28 May 2009

Cyber-security organisations link up to foster collaboration

ASC, NCSA and StopBadware form 'chain of trust' initiative. (0 comments)

20 May 2009

Gumblar compromise growth continues

Dominant web threat infecting still more vulnerable sites. (0 comments)

20 May 2009

McAfee to acquire Solidcore

Whitelisting firm to be assimilated by security giant. (0 comments)

20 May 2009

AV protection free for aliens

Klingon language scanner given away. (4 comments)

20 May 2009

Security experts pool ideas at European conferences

Research and expertise shared at CARO and AMTSO meetings. (0 comments)

11 May 2009

Security holes trouble vendors

Vulnerabilities fixed in McAfee website and Google Chrome; patch expected for Adobe Reader. (0 comments)

07 May 2009

May issue of VB published

The May issue of Virus Bulletin is now available for subscribers to download.

01 May 2009

Banking sector confuses users over online safety

Leftfield AV detection scores used to promote ID theft tool. (4 comments)

22 April 2009

VB2009 conference programme announced

Schedule for Geneva security conference announced after record submissions.

15 April 2009

Eight fixes for April Patch Tuesday release

Five critical updates in latest monthly patch release.

15 April 2009

April issue of VB published

The April issue of Virus Bulletin is now available for subscribers to download.

02 April 2009

AV-Comparatives releases latest detection figures

Large collection test shows major improvement from AV giants. (12 comments)

23 March 2009

VB anti-spam testing: results revealed

VB reveals results of trial test run: 1 platinum, 2 gold and 2 silver awards.

19 March 2009

BBC botnet hijack proves controversial

Legal issues raised by broadcaster's demo of spamming, DDoS, cleanup attempt. (0 comments)

12 March 2009

Symantec slip sparks suspicion, spam

Update error leads to conspiracy theories and exploitation of fears. (5 comments)

12 March 2009

March Patch Tuesday followed by PDF viewer patches

Major kernel issue and PDF problems fixed, spreadsheet software remains vulnerable. (0 comments)

12 March 2009

March issue of VB published

The March issue of Virus Bulletin is now available for subscribers to download.

02 March 2009

MS forms anti-Conficker alliance

Industry group to combine efforts, reward offered. (7 comments)

13 February 2009

IE fixed as usual in Patch Tuesday release

Browser should be treated as special case, say some. (0 comments)

13 February 2009

Valentine's lures lead to infection

Predicted spate of romance hooks under way. (0 comments)

10 February 2009

Kaspersky website suffers SQL vulnerability

Hackers gain access to tables, no user data stolen. (0 comments)

10 February 2009

Digital attacks encroach on real world

Car park flyers trick victims to malicious site. (0 comments)

10 February 2009

AMTSO meets again to discuss better testing

Further documents developed at Cupertino meeting. (0 comments)

04 February 2009

February issue of VB published

The February issue of Virus Bulletin is now available for subscribers to download.

02 February 2009

AVG acquires Sana Security

Behavioural experts added to growing portfolio. (0 comments)

13 January 2009

Researchers crack into Storm botnet

Comms channels decrypted, automated removal possible. (1 comment)

13 January 2009

MS report finds phishing revenues overhyped

Huge earnings may be myth, say researchers. (0 comments)

13 January 2009

Virus Bulletin announces new anti-spam certification scheme

Independent security testing body to certify anti-spam products. (4 comments)

08 January 2009

Texan firm sues whole security world

Swathe of major security providers cited in patent infringement case. (2 comments)

06 January 2009

UK to adopt Euro police hacking scheme

Remote search and cyber patrol plans approved. (0 comments)

06 January 2009

Twitter hit by phishing and hacks

Popular micro-blog site latest target of link spammers. (0 comments)

06 January 2009

CastleCops closes down

Security community project comes to an end. (2 comments)

06 January 2009

Symbian SMS pest highlighted

Mobile exploit attack disables messaging. (0 comments)

06 January 2009

January issue of VB published

The January issue of Virus Bulletin is now available for subscribers to download.

05 January 2009

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