Addendum: August 2005 Netware 6.5 Comparative Review

VB regrets that Symantec was not included in NetWare 6.5 comparative review published in the August 2005 issue of Virus Bulletin

30 August 2005

CME initiative sets forth

US-CERT will officially unveil its Common Malware Enumeration (CME) initiative this month.

30 September 2005

Latest VGrep

The latest version of the virus name lookup tool - VGrep, is now available.

30 August 2005

A global view

live spam map showing exactly where spam is coming from.

30 September 2005

Czech spammers receive fines

The Czech Office for Personal Data Protection (UOOU) imposes first fines for spamming offences.

29 September 2005

Spam 'hotline' for German users

German email users can now report spam directly to the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (vzbv)

28 September 2005

Symantec snaps up Wholesecurity

Symantec announces plans to purchase privately held behavioural endpoint security solutions provider WholeSecurity Inc.

27 September 2005

AVIEN virtual conference

Organisers of the AVIEN/AVIEWS virtual conference issue call for papers.

22 September 2005

The naming game

CA becomes latest AV firm to join name game with the announcement of its new division

30 August 2005

Trial and retribution

Former AOL employee Jason Smathers sentenced to 15 months imprisonment for selling customers' email details to spammers.

30 August 2005

More hash woes

For the second year running, research presented at the annual Crypto conference raised concerns over the security of commonly-used hash functions.

29 August 2005

Black Hat round-up

Andrew Lee shares his highlights of the Black Hat Briefings USA

12 August 2005

AhnLab wins in anti-spyware ruling

Court approves AhnLab's spyware classification

03 August 2005

Sun, sea, sand and scams

310 people arrested in Malaga after an operation involving the FBI, the US Postal Service and the Spanish police.

30 July 2005

Spyware defined

Anti-Spyware Coalition has proposes solution to the tricky question of how spyware should be defined, and is inviting public comment on its proposal.

30 July 2005

Hoax alert

New hoax email comes to light after the launch in the UK of a campaign involving personal emergency contact numbers

30 July 2005

Spammer reformed?

Scott Richter, aka the 'Spam King', is no longer classed as a spammer according to Spamhaus's authoritative Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO)

30 July 2005

Spyware defined

Industry group attempts to agree on a definition for spyware

13 July 2005

Prolific spammer found dead

Police investigate murder of Russian spammer

27 July 2005

Computer Associates acquires anti-spam firm

CA hops on the bandwaggon

27 July 2005

Spyware defined

Industry group attempts to agree on a definition for spyware

13 July 2005

Jaschan walks free

Suspended sentence for Sasser author

08 July 2005

VB2005 additional social event: the Dublin musical pub crawl

VB offers VB2005 delegates the opportunity to discover Dublin through a guided walking tour of the city's famous pubs and bars.

05 July 2005

World's second largest spam-producing country signs up to anti-spam plan

After months of discussions the Chinese government has signed up to the London Action Plan on Spam

05 July 2005

Liberty alliance to safeguard mobile users against spam

Liberty Alliance, puts together team to create service interface specifications for content messaging, in an attempt to safeguard the privacy of mobile device users.

19 June 2005

Microsoft sues again

Microsoft is back in court continuing its fight against spammers.

28 June 2005

Trend raises its anti-spam presence

Trend Micro Inc. acquires IP filtering and reputation services specialist Kelkea (formerly known as Maps).

27 June 2005

Attempting an altered image

Computer Associates is considering changing its name in a bid to rid itself of the negative perceptions that have resulted from its highly publicised accounting scandal.

25 June 2005

Microsoft announces its plans for Sybari

Microsoft completes its acquisition of security firm Sybari Software and announces its plans for Sybari's products.

15 June 2005

Symantec files suit in adware case

AV firm fights for the right to detect adware

8 June 2005

McAfee buys wireless security firm

McAfee buys into security for wireless devices

2 June 2005

Patent squabbles

International Trade Commission judge recommends that Fortinet be prohibited from importing its FortiGate anti-virus firewall appliance products into the US

30 May 2005

Microsoft care

Microsoft unveiles new security service

29 May 2005

Sun, sea and security

14th Annual EICAR meeting was a success

28 May 2005

Changing CAN-SPAM

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has invited public comment on a number of changes it proposes making to the CAN-SPAM Act.

28 May 2005

Trend Micro buys anti-spyware firm

Trend to augment its anti-spyware presence

11 May 2005

Settlement reached in FTC vs Fuel MAX case

FTC settles a case against spammers peddling 'fuel-saving' product

11 May 2005

US early warning centre opens

Cyber Incident Detection Data Analysis Center announces the opening of its National Operations Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

29 April 2005

Three (days) is the magic number

Virus Bulletin is very pleased to announce that this year the VB conference will run in a three-day format

29 April 2005

UN discusses spam

The United Nations (UN) Working Group on Internet Governance focuses on spam, network security and cybercrime

29 April 2005

2.594.00 is not the magic number

Trend Micro forced to apologise to customers for faulty update file.

23 April 2005

Symantec wins piracy case

AV firm awarded $3.1 million in case against software pirate

21 April 2005

Car sales website fined for SMS spamming

Australian Communications Authority takes action

05 April 2005

Blaster author avoids restitution

Microsoft allows Parson to work community service instead of paying $500,000

30 March 2005

No new owner for VMyths

Zero bids received in online auction of website

30 March 2005

Mac virus-writing competition cancelled

Offer of $25,000 reward for OS X virus is withdrawn - for legal reasons

30 March 2005

Bankruptcy for Spam King

Microsoft lawsuit cited as reason for bankruptcy

30 March 2005

US Anti-Spyware bill approved

A revised anti-spyware bill was approved by a committee in the US House of Representatives.

17 March 2005

Spammer investigated in the Ukraine

Spammer undergoes criminal investigation in the Donetsk region of the Ukraine

04 March 2005

Man sentenced for 911 Trojan

Louisiana man gets six months behind bars

15 March 2005

Spyware bill approved

House of Representatives approves revised anti-spyware legislation

14 March 2005

Multimedia messaging virus

Mobile phone virus replicates via MMS

08 March 2005

Symantec gains AV patent

AV company awarded patent for scanning technology

04 March 2005

Spam conviction dismissed

Judge overturns conviction in US spam case

04 March 2005

Microsoft one step closer to AV

The latest developments on Microsoft's new anti-virus venture.

01 March 2005

Errata: February 2005 Windows NT comparative review

VB regrets that two mistakes crept into the comparative review published in the February 2005 issue.

01 March 2005

MSNBC's spam boob

News channel sends spam message as 'breaking news'

25 February 2005

Virus alerts for UK computer users

Government launches IT security website

24 February 2005

US spammers arrested

Airport arrest for 18-year-old spammer, and felony charge for SMS election spammer

18 February 2005

Phish Report Network announced

Microsoft, eBay, PayPal and Visa join forces

15 February 2005

Microsoft and Pfizer join forces to slam spam

Two giants unite in the courtroom

14 February 2005

Latest VGrep

The latest version of the virus name lookup tool - VGrep, is now available.

10 February 2005

University of Calgary teaches spam

Learnt how to create viruses? Now learn how to create spam and spyware

8 February 2005

Microsoft acquires Sybari

Microsoft announces another AV acquisition

8 February 2005

India to curb SMS spam

Supreme Court urges government to crack down on mobile spam

8 February 2005

New Zealand to curb spam

Anti-spam codes of conduct for SMS and email

3 February 2005

No soft touch for legitimate companies

FTC representative warns legitimate marketers it will go after them too if they don't comply with CAN SPAM regulations

2 February 2005

Grannies grabbing the initiative

Study reveals older people and women most likely to take charge of protecting their computer systems

2 February 2005

German spammers to get hefty fine

New legislation proposes fines to deter would-be spammers

2 February 2005

Call for papers: VB2005 Dublin

The deadline for submission of abstracts for VB2005 is approaching rapidly. All submissions must be received by 10 March 2005.

01 February 2005

Tsunami unlocks floodgates for opportunists

An inevitable string of tsunami related hoaxes, fraud attempts and new malware variants

1 February 2005

Minimum sentence for Blaster author

Jeffrey Lee Parson let off lightly

31 January 2005

Fathers 4 Justice denies virus

Campaign group categorically denies responsibility

27 January 2005

Sentencing of Blaster author due

Maximum sentence sought for Jeffrey Lee Parson

26 January 2005

EarthLink wins case against spammers

'Substantial' cash settlement

26 January 2005

Virus writer recommends anti-virus

Brazilian virus writer reveals all to Finnish magazine

20 January 2005

Man behind web cam virus arrested

Spanish authorities detain 37-year-old

19 January 2005

Spammer sues spammed

The tables are turned

19 January 2005

Explosion in SMS spam

Korean cell phone users suffer onslaught of spam

17 January 2005

Sybari sets terms of IPO

3.35 million common shares for sale

14 January 2005

Texas sues for millions

Two spammers sued by the state of Texas

14 January 2005

McAfee sells Research assets

SPARTA Inc. to become the lucky new owner

13 January 2005

FTC granted restraining order against porn spammers

'Sexually explicit' labelling rule violated

12 January 2005

Microsoft reveals anti-spyware beta and malware removal tool

Anti-virus imminent?

6 January 2005

Tsunami scamming begins

FBI warns donors of tsunami disaster relief fraud

6 January 2005

'Spam King' agrees to hold fire

For the time being at least...

5 January 2005

Happy New Year!!!

Virus Bulletin would like to wish all its readers a very happy and prosperous new year.

01 January 2005

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